The job isn’t done when we hand you a working product. As technology evolves (and it does so quickly), you need a partner who can help your product move with the times. Our support and maintenance team is here to future proof your platform for as long as it’s needed.Building a custom digital solution isn’t for the faint of heart—it’s a significant investment. That investment needs protection, and that’s what our support and maintenance team provide. No matter your budget or needs, our support models cover it all: tech support, product optimisation, enhancement, platform maintenance—the list goes on.

How we support:

Digital businesses are open 24/7, so shouldn’t your support be, too? Our talent pool spans the globe, so no matter what time it is, our helpdesk is here for you when a problem arises.

Why do companies need this:

Life is messy. Unexpected things happen, but leaving your investment unprotected and up to chance is a recipe for disaster. The best preventative measure your business can take is to partner up with a team that can fully support your digital solution through its lifecycle. Get back to focusing on core product development while we take care of the backend.

What we offer

On-going feature additions

We provide hand picked expert team or designers, developers and testers required to support new features for existing products so your core team can focus on new products.


Bug-Fixes for existing products

We provide support technical teams which will work with client representatives to ensure prompt resolution and fixes in production. Be it rectifying bugs or enhancing performance of the system or  improving reliability the team is there.



Our maintenance teams provide proactive monitoring and prevention of potential security vulnerabilities and malicious intent, including periodic patching across all libraries and services to ensure your technology stack stays healthy.

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