Digital Product Design for Startups Done Differently

David Day • 2 years ago

You might think you want to hire an agency for Digital Product Design that does what you tell it to do. Actually, there is much more to consider when it comes to picking a partner agency.

Development companies tend to be order takers, and that’s fine if you know exactly what you want out of your website and/or mobile app.

But there’s another way.

The team at Intuitio Labs has learned to see ourselves as strategic advisors. We’ve been designing, building, and developing digital solutions for more than 18 years. Along the way, we’ve earned experience points, enabling us to guide you toward ideas and solutions that you might not have considered.

It’s all well and good to see oneself as a strategic advisor, but what does that mean?

One of our partners summed up things pretty well. Gravy, an Atlanta-based Fintech company, provides affordable and efficient ways for companies to manage failed payments. They came to us when it was time to scale up their business in a cost-managed way. We were able to increase their operational efficiency by 200 percent. 

“I had very high expectations going into the project. Needless to say, these were met and then some,” said John Cozad, SVP of Operations for Gravy. “Intuitio Labs engaged our whole team in the strategy and requirements process, got to grips with our business quickly, and delivered a plan and executed it. The successful teamwork was pretty near and dear to us at Gravy.“

As John said, an effective strategic advisor learns about your company, your team, and your business while also examining your specific platform and product needs. This paves the way for a good product solution that meets the customer’s and the client’s needs.

Successful companies are built from the ground up with:

  • The Right People
  • The Right Processes
  • The Right Culture

We have faith in our years of hard-won experience providing quality Web, Android and iOS Development for startups.

Beginning a new business venture is a courageous act. But bravery is far from the only virtue you’ll need as you develop your company. The right advisors can save time and money as well as your all-important supply of energy, which needs to be funneled into productive ways, not drained by unnecessary frustrations.

With your time, money, and energy in mind, let’s look at ways to get the most out of your partnership with a digital product agency. We’ll look into:

  • Building Sound Working Relationships
  • Product Velocity and Getting to Market Quickly
  • Meeting Customer Needs on Budget
  • Value of Strategic Advisors

Building Sound Working Relationships

iOS Development
iOS Development

The secret to any good working relationship is communication. This is almost like saying, “We breathe air,” or, “Water is wet,” but it’s amazing how something as simple as a good conversation, communication, and collaboration can be neglected.

Solid, two-way communication helps by:

  • Creating Trust
  • Providing Transparency
  • Getting Teams on the Same Page
  • Building Synergy Rather than Compromise
  • Accelerating execution time

When working with an offshore team, communication can become more of an issue because of time differences and possible language barriers. 

Intuitio Labs avoids these issues by being a hybrid company. We’re based in Atlanta and have team members in Dallas, Austin, New York, and Boston. We also have a talented offshore team, whose members are carefully hired and trained to be clear communicators, critical thinkers, and empathetic team members

When a customer has a question, there’s someone in the same time zone who can provide the answer. In addition, while customers are sleeping, our team members around the world are busy working on your product.

In order to work with any team, it’s important to discuss your project goals, so everyone is working in the same direction. In addition, you need a process for providing feedback throughout the development of your product. This is done through sprint demos and weekly standups.

No matter who you’re dealing with, ambiguity is the enemy. Aim for clarity in all of your interactions with your digital partners while expecting the same in return.

With quality communication as the foundation, there’s no telling what you and your digital partners can build. 

Getting to Market Quickly

As strategic advisers, we have your best interests in mind. That’s why we get your mobile app and/or website up and running within 6 to 12 weeks.

Experience teaches us that you don’t necessarily need a lot of features at the beginning. Our approach for Web, Android and iOS Development for startups is to quickly launch your product, so you can start serving customers as soon as possible. The key is to build it in such a way that changes can be made easily. Also creating the ability to collect analytics and customer feedback lays the foundation for what features should be built in the upcoming iterations.

If we do our jobs right, you’ll be so happy with the results that you’ll come back to us when it’s time to scale up your product or develop something new.

We also offer maintenance plans, so your long-term satisfaction can have a direct result on our bottom line. 

The term in art is “enlightened self-interest.” We understand that the future of our business depends on how well we serve your business.

Meeting Needs for Digital Product Development on Budget

When we consult with businesses about Web, Android and iOS Development for startups, we understand they’re dealing with obstacles that are not always related to us.

A competitive business environment that includes increasing inflation, interest rate hikes, and fluctuating fuel prices doesn’t help. There are prospective employees to vet and hire. There are venture capitalists to impress. 

We can’t help with all of those issues, but we have a wealth of experience working with venture capitalists and institutional investors.

Rather than bog your product down with a bunch of extra features, we focus on building what’s most important. That saves you money, and as mentioned earlier, gets your product to market sooner.

Potential investors respect high-quality work that’s done on deadline and on budget. It speaks well about you and us.

We’ll help you allocate your money and time where it can do the most good for you and your business.

The Value of Strategic Advisors

iOS Development
iOS Development

When you’re looking for a company that specializes in Web, Android and iOS Development for startups, you want a company that:

  • Has Deep Experience with Launching Digital Product-Based Businesses
  • Thinks Long-Term
  • Gets to Market Quickly
  • Understands Budgetary Constraints

You want a company with a proven track record of building effective and efficient digital products. If you accept the necessity of give and take, you can’t help but benefit from the company’s experience.

Nearly 20 years ago, the founders at Intuitio Labs didn’t consider themselves to be strategic advisors. Now, the founders and Intuitio Labs can look at our past mistakes as stepping stones that helped us become the company we are today. 

We’re fascinated by the technological challenges we get to overcome every day, but it’s only one of the reasons we’ve been in business for as long as we have. Over the years, we’ve learned that our business depends on customer satisfaction:

  • It’s our duty to open lines of communication and build relationships with your team.
  • It’s our job to point you in directions you might not have considered going.
  • It’s our responsibility to tell you when certain features should wait until your business is ready to scale up.
  • It’s our role to seek and value your feedback.
  • It’s our privilege to build products that help your business grow.

We’re more than a digital product agency. We’re strategic advisors, and we want to see your business flourish.

We’re ready and willing to assist in any way we can as you chase your entrepreneurial goals. Find out how by visiting