Team Augmentation During a Recession

Ruann Van Der Merwe • 1 year ago

Even if a recession puts the squeeze on business, there’s still work to be done. Hiring a mobile app development company for Web, Android and iOS Development can give your startup a short-term boost and put your business in a stronger position for the long term.

During difficult financial times, it makes sense to consider as many cost-saving options as possible. When it comes to finding the right talent to propel your business forward, consider looking offshore for highly trained professionals who can step in when you need them while also providing significant cost savings.

As a short-term solution or a long-term business strategy, team augmentation services for Web, Android and iOS Development are an affordable answer that can help you meet your company’s digital goals and deadlines.

Team aug” is about bringing in a few people or a team to handle a specific need. These digital workers require no training, and they usually sign up for short-term roles with your organization.

Startups are born from ideas. Somebody comes up with a new way of doing things and puts their concept into motion. But it requires the right mix of talent on your staff to drive the idea forward.

Recession concerns are pushing companies to stretch their budgets as they try to get their products and services to market as soon as possible.

Contracting with a company experienced in providing fast and affordable team augmentation services could have a dramatic impact on a startup’s bottom line and its long-term viability.

Team Augmentation for Web, Android and iOS Development

Web, Android and iOS Development
Web, Android and iOS Development

Some 70 percent of economists polled by the Financial Times predict a recession for the U.S. economy. In anticipation of difficult times, companies are returning to staff augmentation, a tactic that worked more than a decade ago during the Great Recession.

Staff aug offers multiple benefits, especially when it comes to IT positions:

  • provides access to specialized talent from around the globe
  • allows current staff members to focus on their projects, reducing possible burnout
  • makes talent available at a lower cost than hiring and training full-time employees

In today’s business climate, customers expect easy-to-use websites and mobile apps. Even if you have IT workers on your team, they might lack the knowledge base to produce the best end products for your startup.

With staff aug, you hire for the skills you need on a short-term basis. The temporary team is project-specific, so when the project is completed to your satisfaction, they’re gone and no longer a drain on your budget.

In the beginning, startups incur large operating costs without much return on investment. Members of augmented teams have their own business infrastructure in place, which can reduce overall costs for a fledgling company.

It helps that online collaboration tools make working with remote teams relatively easy. In the wake of the pandemic, businesses of all kinds have become familiar with using Slack, Telly, Bitbucket, Asana, and other tools.

And the tools work around the globe. Digital hubs exist around the world. These are often densely packed places where talented digital designers and developers work in close proximity. 

Good-natured competition can be found in such environments, so workers are continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Through team augmentation services, those leading-edge insights can be applied to a startup’s project. In addition to lowering costs, augmentation can result in far superior end products than might otherwise be possible.

Preparing for Staff Aug

If you’re beginning to think team augmentation services could help your startup achieve its goals, then it’s time to start asking questions:

  • What are your staff’s needs? Are you trying to fill skill gaps on your current team? Do you need people to get a project done before its delivery date?
  • What staff augmentation company is right for you? How much experience do they have? Are they willing to share testimonials and references?
  • What’s your project schedule? Can the company keep pace with your needs? Do they have the management structure in place to oversee the project from start to finish?
  • What type of contract do you need? Is the contract a one-size-fits-all document, or is it specific to your unique business needs? 
  • How will you communicate with the company? Are there clearly defined communication protocols in place? Are there regularly scheduled updates?

If you’ve never hired an augmentation company before, there will be a learning curve in the beginning. However, finding an experienced and affordable team can move you toward your goals and your startup toward profitability.

Working with Remote Teams

Web, Android and iOS Development
Web, Android and iOS Development

Let’s say you’ve pulled the trigger and signed on the dotted line with the right team aug company for you. You’ll be working with a remote team. Along with the many benefits mentioned above, there are also unique challenges to navigate.

The good thing is others have traveled this territory before you, and they’ve developed ways of making the situation work for everyone involved.

According to the Harvard Business Review, approximately 22 percent of Americans work from home, and nearly 50 percent are involved with remote or virtual teamwork.

It’s fair to say those numbers are likely to grow, and that means companies need new collaboration skills necessary to build

  • morale
  • engagement
  • productivity
  • innovation 

At heart, it’s about opening up your company’s communication styles to make people outside of the office feel a part of the team.

A simple “good morning” can go a long way to making someone feel connected to the company. In-person meetings can be converted to video calls to bring everyone together. You also might want to use a digital message board to create “water cooler” moments, so your team members can feel comfortable with each other.

Of course, managing a remote team also has a lot to do with the team augmentation services company you hire.

Intuitio Labs, an Atlanta-based tech company with a global team, has nearly 20 years of experience providing digital product design and development.

Managers are available for U.S. clients during regular business hours. They also oversee a global workforce, so progress on your startup’s crucial project will continue as you sleep.

Intuitio Labs believes in regularly scheduled updates, so teams know they’re meeting, and possibly exceeding the client’s needs.

In the end, team augmentation is about hiring an experienced digital partner to give your startup the short-term boost it needs.

Intuitio Labs is an affordable digital product agency that can deliver mobile apps and websites in six to 12 weeks. The company also offers consulting services to give businesses an extra edge during uncertain times.
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