Digital Product Design: Know When It’s Time for a Change

David Day • 2 years ago

According to the old saying, it’s not a good idea to change horses midstream. But old sayings don’t always apply in today’s fast-paced business environment. For example, if the Digital Product Design Agency you hired isn’t providing the results you need, it could be time to switch. 

Any partnership should have a certain amount of give and take as the parties work together to build something new. But the right company for the job will signal its ability to perform in specific ways:

  • providing complete transparency
  • clearly communicating industry trends
  • running a smooth operation

When you first searched for Android and iOS Development for startups, you had an idea for a mobile app or website that would push your business forward.

If your current digital product agency isn’t delivering what you need, then it’s time to seek out a tech partner with a proven track record of getting high-quality products to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In short, it’s time to hop on another horse and ride it to the finish line.

Communication is Key

Leaders set the tone for their organizations. They examine market conditions, looking for the best way forward. Once a decision is made, the goal must be clearly communicated to stakeholders and staff so they can work toward a common direction.

In the same way, you want a digital product development team that fully understands the value of communication and provides: 

  • clear expectations from the beginning
  • regular progress updates and demonstrations
  • transparent deadlines

Companies with histories of standout performance know how to keep clients informed throughout the developmental process. That’s because today’s agile approach to digital development can seem messy and chaotic to the uninitiated. 

The agile process is both pragmatic and iterative. Digital teams experiment and fail with the expectation of learning from those failures to build a stronger final product. 

As a result, good development companies are filled with critical and original thinkers empowered to make changes and innovate on the fly during Android or iOS Development for startups. They’re willing to fail along the way to creating the best possible products for their clients. 

Tech company managers should ensure there’s a healthy give-and-take between their teams and the clients’ teams. They keep projects on pace while also encouraging the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that results in superior digital products.

Make sure the team you choose has leaders skilled at listening to what you want, and they need to be equally skilled at explaining how their creative team will turn your ideas into reality.

So take a look at your current digital partner, and see if they’re performing up to the standard you need and expect. If it’s time to switch to a new development partner, the signs will be there:

  • Does the team lack transparency during the design and development process?
  • Are agreed-upon benchmarks hit on a predictable timetable?
  • Is the team committed to doing what they said they would do?
  • Are your current partners demonstrating a true depth of knowledge, technical skills, and expertise?

If you answered “no” too many times, then you have a choice to make.

It Might Be Time for A New Development Partner

iOS Development
iOS Development

When finding a new partner for mobile app development for startups, you want to fully check out the prospective company’s references and testimonials. An effective company welcomes that kind of scrutiny because, quite frankly, it’s a chance to show off. You want a digital development partner that’s proud of what it created in the past and excited about the chance to deliver another outstanding product.

You also need to be clear about the specific problems you had with the previous company. Find out how the potential new partner will handle the same issues. It shouldn’t matter if you’re a tech-savvy executive or not. This is an opportunity to discover if the company’s communication style works for you.

Changing horses in midstream can be a hard thing to do, but sometimes, you have to let go of the past to embrace what the future has to offer. Making a switch isn’t about giving up on your plan. It’s about taking that next step to achieve your goals.

When you connect with the right team, you’ll be able to tell the difference. Proper team dynamics are crucial during mobile app development for startups. According to BetterUp, members of good teams:

  • share new ideas
  • join together to solve problems
  • consider unity an important workplace value
  • help each other stay positive
  • invest in learning and development
  • innovate at a quick pace
  • monitor each other’s performance
  • work efficiently
  • believe in healthy competition

If you’re not seeing those traits with your current digital development company, it could be time to search for another partner.

The Bottom Line of Digital Product Design

These days, mobile apps and websites are necessary parts of doing business. Depending on the features you want and their complexity, app development costs can vary significantly. A quick search on the internet turns up widely different numbers, ranging from $16,000 for a simple app to $300,000 for complex products.

Wherever your business falls on that spectrum of potential costs, it will be a significant investment, and that’s not including unexpected hidden costs for mobile app development for startups. 

Some companies agree to charge one rate but then increase the cost whenever new features are added. Price creep is the practice of giving a lowball offer while planning to increase the price later. The practice can be incredibly frustrating for a startup that relies on budget discipline.

This is where transparency can become a make-or-break issue when considering a switch. You want to make sure the new team is upfront about its fee structure and how contingencies are handled. This is another solid question to ask a potential new company’s representative and references.

Working Effectively with Your New Team

iOS Development
iOS Development

Intuitio Labs, one of the development firms/companies based in Atlanta, has been building high-quality and affordable digital products for nearly 20 years.

Firm believers in agile methodology, the company’s designers and developers flood the zone with ideas and put them to the test. Many of those ideas fail only to be replaced with better ones. Intuitio Labs’ approach usually delivers digital products in six to 12 weeks.

And price creep is not an issue.

Generally, its contracts include a 10 to 15 percent variance for wiggle room. The company will cover anything that exceeds that amount. If the nature of the project changes substantially during development, then it’s time to rework the scope of the contract to make sure everybody’s happy.

Though based in the U.S., Intuitio Labs draws from India’s growing tech talent pool. The company’s teams are able to quickly deliver excellent products at budget-friendly prices.   

While you sleep, Intuitio Labs’ team works away on mobile app development for startups. Atlanta-based professionals are available during regular business hours to answer questions and report on progress. 

Intuitio Labs understands the value of communication. Regular updates are scheduled with the client, so the development team doesn’t go too far in the wrong direction.

Hallmarks of a solid approach to Android and iOS Development for startups include:

  • making work easy to understand
  • prioritizing written documentation
  • keeping teammates informed
  • having quick, daily meetings
  • thinking team-first

Everyone at Intuitio Labs is dedicated to a winning approach that gets results for clients.

Choosing the Right Partner for Digital Product Design

GrillGrate is a U.S.-based business that has gone worldwide. It’s a one-stop shop for grills, griddles, and accessories. Its leadership team approached Intuitio Labs when it was time to implement a new e-commerce platform and mobile application.

With strict deadlines and budgetary constraints, Intuitio Labs delivered and helped GrillGrate successfully scale up its business. The final product included

  • product detail functionality with videos
  • customer reviews and ratings
  • product catalog functionality
  • filter, sort, and search functions by rating, brand, price, and more
  • multiple payment options
  • express checkout

“Intuitio Labs’ team is incredible,” said Dan Waltzer, Pirate Labs co-founder who worked on the GrillGrate project. “We came to Intuitio Labs after working with another technology partner that lacked the maturity…” 

Intuitio Labs takes the guesswork out of choosing a digital product agency. We strive to provide all of our partners with affordable, fast, and excellent service. It’s part of our goal to grow our list of glowing testimonials.
If you’re looking for a new mobile app development agency, visit to see what problems we can solve for you.