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NexTraq is a fleet tracking company based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Acquired by Francisco Partners in 2009 and then by Michelin in 2017. NexTraq is a provider of Global Positioning System vehicle management and fleet tracking solutions. The NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform (formerly MARCUS) is a cloud-based application for service and distribution businesses to optimize fleet operations. The suite of applications—Fleet Dispatch, Fleet Metrics and Fleet Mobile[6]—gives customers the ability to manage their fleet more efficiently. Reporting functionality delivers key performance indicators (KPIs). At NexTraq we worked with the executive product and marketing team to provide them with a product development team that worked faster and cheaper on a daily basis with their internal team.

What we did for NexTraq
  • Digital experience
  • Digital Funnel Optimization
  • Technology architecture to improve SEM and SEO
  • Development and testing
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NexTraq founder
Pankaj Sharma VP Marketing & Product, NexTraq
NexTraq logo
“I am highly impressed by IntuitoLabs capabilities and expertise in website development and management. The execution and quality of service in maintaining NexTraq’s website has been exceptional. Their technical resources are knowledgeable, talented and have been empathetic to our needs.”