Picking your next software partners after MVP

Varsha B • 4 years ago

We’ve spoken about the importance of picking the right software development partner for creating your minimum viable product (MVP). After you’ve got this base-line product validated and operational, your next phase is growth and marketability.

This phase is crucial to your success; for one, it’s the time to grow your brand recognition and customer base. However, it’s also a chance to be developing a sophisticated product based on tests and feedback. For increasing your customer base and improving your product, you need to partner with a software consultant that understands strategy and growth in the application development sphere. 

We refer to this jump as going from MVP to MMP, or minimum marketable product. Your first goal was to create a product or application; now, it’s about expanding your product while growing your market and reach. 

What qualities does a software creator need to help you reach your goals?

1. Strategic & Growth Focused

This growth phase means compiling data and running tests rapidly to identify new features and ensure MVP features work properly. The software development partner you choose to help through the phases after MVP should have a strong understanding of customer trends, technological trends, and data analysis. They should be strategic and growth-focused, not only on further developing your product but also on creating a growth and marketing strategy for each new generation of your product. 

2. Agile and Nimble

There’s going to be a lot of data. A good software development company can review this data, rate it by the level of importance, and create a clear strategy for the future. Shifts in customer needs and trends will require a software partner to be quick on their feet and able to pivot with changes in the market and the application’s development process. 

3. Ability to prioritize

There’s going to be a lot of feedback and a lot of development challenges in the beginning. You’re going to have feature requests from customers, support requests from sales and operations, as well as ideas for improvement from developers. It’s up to you, and your chosen software development partner to prioritize what features are needed. You can’t do it all, and a good software development company knows how to prioritize. 

4. Scalability

Many software development companies struggle with the scalable development process. Your product or application will need to be able to grow with your needs, no matter what speed. Your product should be able to support a team of 5 or a team of 100 easily and quickly. The software development team you choose should be able to help you scale your product, and fast!

A top-notch software development company can help you create your MVP and help you grow it through the MMP stage. This company will need to be innovative, technically skilled and strategy focused. Look for a software consultant with application development and product marketing skills to help your idea flourish after the MVP stage. 
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