Dakota Chic Boutique


Dakota Chic Boutique is an online boutique specializing in clothing, accessories, and shoes for women of all shapes and sizes. Sales are primarily driven through Dakota Chic Boutique’s VIP Facebook group. Customers can find Holly, the owner, interacting with her customers through live sales, fit videos, “first looks,” discounts, and giveaways. This private group provides members with a sense of community as they get to know the boutique and Holly more closely and can interact with one another in the group. Their PostScript text platform also allows them to check in with their subscribers through live sale reminders, discounts, and more.Dakota Chic Boutique had no problem retaining its current customer base, having converted many of them into repeat customers. The main challenge was driving sales from new customers to continue growing her business.

We Delivered

  • Marketing Mix & Creative Strategy
  • Messaging, Product Positioning, and Ad Creation
  • Campaign Building, Custom Audiences Targeting, Media Buying, Optimization, Analytics and Reporting
  • User Journeys for Data/Sale Acquisition
  • Multi-Channel Attribution Across Text Platform, Website (tracking pixels), Facebook and Outbound Sales


Women can’t escape clothing ads on Facebook. So it came as no surprise when our Facebook and Instagram ads driving people to Dakota Chic Boutique’s storefront weren’t converting. By refocusing on the boutique’s unique selling point, we were able to pivot to a new strategy—driving new members to Holly’s VIP group, where most of her initial sales were coming from, and increasing engagement.

In two weeks, we added 300+ members to the VIP Facebook group.

In the future, we’ll be creating Facebook events for all upcoming live sales happening in the VIP group and using Facebook pixel to drive traffic to new group members. Our goal is to remind them of the live sales, gain RSVPs to the event, and eventually convert them into purchasing customers during the live sale.

However, there was no way to optimize the group experience and generate new members, so we needed to get more creative with our solution.

  • Created a landing page explaining what the VIP group is, the perks of joining, and how to join with a CTA button leading the user to the Facebook group page.
  • Set up tools, such as Facebook Events Manager, to track and optimize new users who click the CTA button and attempt to join the Facebook group.


38% Increase in store sales ($)
33% Increase in total orders
127% Increase in online store sessions
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