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FieldXperience was founded in 2019 with a vision for a new workforce—a workforce full of superheroes prepared for anything that may come their way. To do this would mean developing crucial Power Skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and empathy through immersive experiences and microlearning on readily available devices. Marrying these two things together birthed the fieldXperience app and website, a single platform for learners to go for on-the-fly bite-sized amounts of valuable training and educational opportunities.

Fewer than 3 in 10 employers think recent college graduates possess the critical skills needed for professional success. American companies had an average turnover rate of 22% in 2018, and the total cost of voluntary turnover was $617 billion. The average cost of hiring in the US was $4,129 in 2016, and it took about 42 days to fill an open position. Clearly, a training solution was needed. 



Intuitiolabs started working with fieldXperience in October 2019, intending to launch their MVP in January of 2020. This was a technology-based product that would solve the hiring industry’s education deficit and provide crucial Power Skills training to learners and professionals. fieldX needed a robust system that could facilitate growth for organizations, universities, and individual learners. 

We compiled a team of experts at IntuitioLabs to design and develop a scalable, flexible, and responsive platform that allowed simultaneous development of learner features and organization features. This team was tasked with working closely with fieldX to provide UI/UX design expertise, product and go-to-market strategy, and a multi-leveled application to implement their technology strategy to various customer profiles.


What we did for Fieldxperience
  • User Experience Design
  • Copy and Content development
  • Custom Product Development
  • MVP Build
  • Technology Strategy
  • CRM and CMS build out


In a short window of only six weeks, we created an MVP that offered a robust Learning Experiential Platform (LXP) that incorporated gamification to make learning both engaging and measurable. This MVP allowed fieldX to begin generating revenue within a few months of launching their product. The flexible architecture and design of the platform allowed for crucial pivoting to adjust to market shifts and changes. This product and development helped fieldX get selected to present and pitch at Venture Atlanta in October 2020, along with serious investment interest for the next round of funding.

FieldXperience founder
Sharyn Outtrim CEO & Co-Founder, FieldXperience
"Our startup had a goal to launch our minimum viable product (MVP) in January 2020 and in October 2019, we awarded our development RFP to Deep Kalina and Intuitiolabs. They helped us launch ours in a little over 6 weeks. They met the deadline with sufficient time for QA testing and went above and beyond what was contractually needed to ensure the MVP was launched successfully and continue to do so as they help us design and build out our product roadmap. We were impressed with Deep’s thought leadership and drive so we brought him onboard to play the role of fractional CPO while Intuitiolabs continues to perform the design and development for our product.

IntuitioLabs has worked with us in a highly collaborative process and worked with us on evolving our pitch, identifying and prioritizing product features, product design and implementing industry best practice processes for product development. This has been immensely helpful as FieldX makes the journey from finding product-market fit to scale. I would highly recommend them as they bring a wealth of technical and product experience and engage with clients with empathy and critical thinking (the key skills needed for success)."