Mile Auto

Insurance Tech


Venture capitalists are pouring capital into insurance marketplace startups. The massive growth opportunity for this sector and the multiple billion dollar annual TAM (Total Addressable Market) are the key drivers that are attracting large investments into this sector. With MileAuto, customers only pay for the miles they drive plus a low monthly base rate. They are leaders in pay-as you drive insurance. We partnered with MileAuto founders to leverage what they had built and accelerate their MVP time to market. We collaborated with them through the entire product lifecycle from feature identification, prioritization, design, architecture and development, to help create a product that launched in 3 states in the US and counting.


IntuitioLabs provided a dedicated team to provide development, UI/UX, project management, product management, and growth marketing services.The team worked collaboratively with MileAuto CTO and CMO to prioritize, plan and deliver the product features. The UI/UX team focused on a design that focused on maximizing visitor to quote conversion both on web and mobile. 

What we did for MileAuto
  • Digital experience
  • Performance marketing
  • Digital Funnel Optimization
  • Cloud architecture
  • UI/UX design to optimize digital conversion
  • Development and testing
  • Product Backlog creation
  • Sprint release process establishment & operation


We completed the architecture, design, and development of Mile Auto’s product and were able to launch in 3 US states in less than 6 months. Optimizing the quote funnel and payment process improved customer acquisition by over 40%.

MileAuto founder
Fred Blumer CEO & Founder, MileAuto
"We love working with IntuitioLabs because they listen and help us create an optimum strategy to get where we want to go - fast. It definitely helps that they are super smart and have a genuine depth of experience to draw upon."