Movin’ Nutrition

Health Tech


Movin’ Nutrition isn’t about diet trends and fads—their approach to weight management focuses on ditching the diet to achieve your desired weight goals. Working with a registered dietitian and nutritionist, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to sustain your weight loss and reach your health and wellness goals.

Movin’ Nutrition’s founder, Morgan Narvick, had a clear vision of her idea but had no expertise on how to bring it to life. Our job was to marry her aesthetic and business objectives with our knowledge and experience creating her brand from the ground up.



Our team dove into Morgan’s business idea and personality to build a brand and digital presence that reflected her goals, while allowing visitors to explore and engage the business with ease. Our minimum viable product (MVP) laid the foundations for a platform that could scale as her business grows in a cost-effective manner while maintaining the design and brand Morgan had envisioned.

What we did for Movin' Nutrition
  • Branding
  • Content and Imagery
  • Product Design
  • Development
  • Maintenance


In two months, IntuitioLabs delivered her brand, design, and MVP, allowing her to successfully launch her business and start down the growth path all under $10,000.

Movin’ Nutrition founder
Morgan Narvick Founder, Movin’ Nutrition
"I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do—help people reach their health and wellness goals without resorting to trendy diets. But with little digital expertise in how to make that a reality, I needed a technology partner that could realize my vision while staying true to my brand and values—all while staying within budget! IntuitioLabs delivered a beautiful digital platform that my clients can navigate easily in a short time, so I could launch my business quickly and get down to what I love doing—helping people ditch the diets!"