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From tracking and reporting to routing and scheduling, NexTraq has everything you need to start getting more from your vehicles, drivers, and teams. As a part of Michelin’s Global Services and Solutions business line, NexTraq serves thousands of customers and covers thousands of vehicles and mobile assets throughout North America. Their mobile apps allow you to manage your fleet whether you’re at your desk, on the road, or out of town.NexTraq is more than just a provider of vehicle and asset tracking solutions. They are a valued GPS fleet and mobile workforce management partner for all of their customers.To grow their reach and help even more businesses manage their fleet efficiently, NexTraq needed an optimized website that stood ahead of their competition. They needed to be seen by potential customers right when they were needed most. They needed a website that was well maintained and stood out as the top of its class.NexTraq’s design and innovation are known for standing out from the crowd, and they needed a web presence that matched this.

We Delivered

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Our team at IntuitioLabs keeps the NexTraq website running smoothly with regular maintenance and upgrades necessary to provide fast, quality service and information to all NexTraq customers and partners. We provided SEO optimization and performance to make sure they were ranking for the right search terms so that their ideal customers could find them.

Technologies & Tools

Front End Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Back End Technology

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache


  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Cloudfront

Third party Integrations

  • Google Analytics
  • Leadfeeder
  • Crazy Egg
  • Drift
  • Salesforce Pardot

Home page

testimonial author
“I am highly impressed by IntuitioLabs capabilities and expertise in website development and management. The execution and quality of service in maintaining NexTraq’s website has been exceptional. Their technical resources are knowledgeable, talented and have been empathetic to our needs.”
Pankaj Sharma VP Marketing & Product, NexTraq


As a result of the SEO optimization, UI/UX design, and tech expertise of our team, we improved the NexTraq website’s performance by 45%. This improvement increased SEO and SEM performance significantly and continues to drive quality traffic and leads.

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