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Short Par 4

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Short Par 4 is the leading and largest subscription service of golf apparel and accessories in the United States. Customers can enjoy a selection of affordable subscription boxes full of name brand and premium products at often unbeatable value. As an added service, they offer other e-commerce and text platform “first” product opportunities for subscribers. They recently added media and entertainment to their mobile app to augment their customer engagement initiatives. They earn between $10-15 million in annual revenue and saw double-digit percentage growth every year for the past six years.

We Delivered

  • Custom Product Development
  • Shopify implementation custom API development and integration
  • Shopify and Recharge custom API development and integration
  • AWS setup and configuration
  • Maintenance and support


Short Par 4 has seen incredible growth over the last several years, and that type of growth in an e-commerce business can often bring fulfillment challenges. The manual process and lack of an optimized “pick, pack, and ship” process made fulfilling orders after every subscription period timely, intensive, and expensive. Our goal was to design and implement a solution that could cut down on manual labor and reduce the processing and fulfillment time by 50%.


With IntuitioLabs’ extensive experience in fulfillment and logistics processes, we could assess their current order fulfillment and shipping processes and identify their weak points. Our team developed a solution to meet their fulfillment goals, combining off-the-shelf integration components, like Zapier, with a custom AWS application with integrations into their technology stack.

testimonial author
"We needed a solution that cut our order processing and fulfillment time in half, and thanks to IntuitioLabs, we did better than that! Their experience in logistics and e-commerce made them a valuable asset in taking Short Par 4 to the next level. Their genuine involvement in helping us attain our goals allowed us to shorten our order fulfillment time from 3 days down to 3 hours!"
Bobby Dimeo CEO & Co-Owner, Short Par 4


Our solution significantly exceeded our objective, cutting fulfillment time down from three days to three hours with an 8x improvement.

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