TuneCore Social



TuneCore has always been about the artists. In 2006, this company changed the game for musicians by partnering with digital stores like iTunes. This made it possible for musicians to get their music in front of listeners while still allowing them to keep 100% of their sales.

Having your music on Spotify and iTunes is only half the battle; it won’t make you famous overnight. With anyone and everyone posting their music online, artists must stand out — but how? One simple yet effective way is by having an engaging social media presence. Unfortunately, this kind of work is both time and effort consuming and requires some marketing knowledge. By spending more time on social media than necessary, they have less time to write and produce music or engage with fans directly.


TuneCore Social is the next step in helping artists focus on what they do best: write and produce. This new tool allows Artists to plan, upload, schedule, and optimize their social posting, so they free up more time to write new songs and interact with fans. TuneCore made it possible for every musician to offer their music to the public while helping them save money on digital strategists through TuneCore Social.


Why  Social

  1. 90% of social media users engage in social media activity.
  2. 57% of social media users follow at least one artist or band.
  3. 57% of celebrities or public celebrities followed are in the Music category.
What we did for TuneCore Social
  • Product conceptualization
  • Digital Experience
  • UI/UX design
  • Marketing Technology
  • MVP Architecture
  • MVP development & launch
  • Web, iOS and Android development
  • Multi-Channel Go-To-Market Strategy


We assembled a global team of 16 designers, architects, and engineers at IntuitioLabs and partnered with TuneCore in 2019 to help them create a robust and well-designed MVP to go live in Q1 of 2020. The international team responsible for working with TuneCore led to a 40% cost saving and an accelerated timeline, thanks to a variety of timezones (Croatia, India, and the US). This involved helping with product conceptualization, UI/UX design, development & launch, web, iOS and Android development, and the marketing strategy to make this application successful and easy to use for musicians worldwide. By Q3 of 2020, TuneCore Social was launched in over six countries and in six different languages! 


TuneCore founder
Ali Sharif Product Director, TuneCore
“We first engaged IntuitioLabs on our TuneCore Social product in the summer of 2019. IntuitioLabs has been our partner through all stages of the project from conception, business case, design, build and deploy through post launch optimization and stabilization. The first phase of the product went live in Q1 of 2020 and they continue to bring guidance, expertise, know-how, and a proven methodology as we progress through the next phases of our product roadmap throughout 2020.

We are delighted with our partnership with IntuitioLabs. The team works across all levels of TuneCore’s organization including with myself, the VP of Technology, the PMO office, the CFO and CEO. Their hands-on approach, highly relevant and in-depth experience and collaborative style are all big contributors to the success of our product.“