We have various models we work with. Fixed bid or T&M are the most common. In Fixed bid we engage the client in discovery and provide a cost estimate and timeline of delivery. In T&M model we perform discovery and recommend the team size, composition and duration. In T&M the client pays for the team on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Yes, we can add or remove people from your team. We need you to give us a Two week heads up to add new team members.

If it’s outside of our core abilities, we leverage our partner’s expertise. We’ve also worked with teams brought in by our clients for specific functions.

We only request team members, roles and responsibilities be clearly articulated at the beginning of the engagement. Once that is clear we are agnostic to where the team members come from. The team is focused on one goal - working together to solve your business problem and reach your full potential.

To name a few: Telematics, Insurance, FinTech, Security, LawTech, Sports analytics, and E-Commerce.

We work with teams and organizations of all sizes. From founding startup teams to innovation teams in large enterprises.

Travel is billed in the upcoming billing cycle.