Social Impact Music Platform

Healthy Hip-Hop


Healthy Hip Hop is MUSIC, MOVEMENT, & a MESSAGE. Healthy Hip Hop empowers today’s young minds to make positive changes through H3 music, technology, and engagement. Healthy Hip Hop is on a mission to empower today’s young minds in making positive changes to their everyday lives. The Healthy Hip Hop platform uses hip-hop culture, literacy, and social interaction to improve learning environments and create a safe social media experience for kids. Healthy Hip Hop partners with parents and schools to bring a comprehensive childhood development program that emphasizes social and emotional learning, mental & physical wellness, and academic success.

We Delivered

  • Android and iOS mobile applications
  • Consumer web application
  • Administration portal for platform and content management
  • Establishing industry standard agile development processes
  • Feature enhancements


Intuitio Labs teamed up with HealthyHipHop as their technology partner for developing and maintaining their product roadmap. IntuitioLabs worked closely with Healthy Hip Hop on feature development, platform improvements, and establishing scalable product and technology processes.

Technologies & Tools

Front End Technologies

  • Vue JS

Back End Technology

  • express
  • Node JS


  • AWS S3
  • AWS EC2

Third party Integrations

  • PubNub
  • Google Analytics
  • Stripe
  • Vimeo

Progressive responsive web application

Administration Portal

The Healthy Hip Hop admin portal was created with primary goal of reducing the amount of support work for other internal teams. It was designed and built to provide a simple way for authorized users to make changes to the platform. The changes range from content management, broadcast notifications, content moderation, user management and more.

  • Content Management

  • Account Management

  • Music Publishing

  • Announcements

  • Mobile Asset Management

  • Playlist creation and management

iOS mobile application for kids

Music Player

Clearly arranged music player with ability to search and organize music with a clear notifications bar.

Start Guide

In-app tutorial to guide new users through application and website user interface and key features.


The leaderboard feature provides users the ability to interact and engage with the community and platform. The leaderboard promotes satisfaction and relatedness for users

Android mobile application for kids

testimonial author
“Intuito Labs jumped in and became a true technology partner on day one, helping us clean up our processes and streamlining our development sprints. Everyone at Intuito Labs truly cared about us personally and professionally, which was very refreshing. We switched from a former technology company to Intuito Labs and what a difference it has made, having a dependable technology partner has been extremely important for us.”
Roy Scott Founder, Healthy Hip Hop


Healthy Hip Hop has raised multiple rounds and continues to grow steadily.

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