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Helios is an up and coming orthodontics practice based in Vancouver. Helios was looking for online digital presence to help their business stand out. Helios needed a website that would make an impression on visitors so they can remember to come back when they needed to make their orthodontic appointments.

We Delivered

  • Product design
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Cloud and application architecture
  • Development


Intuitio Labs designed and implemented a website and a platform for Helios with the following features to achieve the goals set out by Helios:

  • Responsive and mobile-ready website
  • Appointments
  • Easily accessible practice details
  • A WordPress driven website to allow for no-code changes and reduce maintenance

Beautifully designed homepage

Appointment Management

Responsive Design

testimonial author
“I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do. But with little digital expertise in how to make that a reality, I needed a technology partner that could realize my vision while staying true to my brand and values—all while staying within budget! IntuitioLabs delivered a beautiful digital platform that my clients can navigate easily in a short time, so I could launch my business quickly and get down to what I love doing—bring sunshine to peoples smiles!”
Dr. Sid (Siddharth) Vora Founder, Helios Orthodontics


IntuitioLabs delivered a new website streamlined Ui/Ux design and optimized website implementation. A fast performing web presence set up Helios to finally start investing in both growth marketing and advertising to build their business even further.

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