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Ikonik is an online platform built for golf coaches to deliver personalized, effective training for their students. With a library of over 300 modules containing videos and practice sessions, coaches can pull on valuable resources to help students. The in-app communication, intelligent performance, and progress tracking give coaches the ability to create customized training programs for each student in one easy-to-navigate platform.

Ikonik was growing and generating healthy revenue until it plateaued. They needed a new technology partner to help them evolve to the next level. Due to accelerated time-to-market needs and budget pressure (due to COVID-19), they needed a cost-effective technology partner with knowledge and experience to help them with their technology strategy and product development needs.

We Delivered

  • Technology strategy
  • Application and cloud architecture
  • Ongoing feature development
  • iOS and Android mobile app development
  • Maintenance


IntuitioLabs brought an experienced blended global team to the table to work with Ikonik’s product team. Together, we developed their technology strategy, implemented the Android mobile app, and executed various other digital assets in line with the technology strategy. This provided a stepping stone for future and current goals for growth.

Technologies & Tools

Front End Technologies

  • React
  • Redux
  • Material UI
  • TypeScript

Mobile App technology

  • React Native

Back End Technology

  • Ruby
  • Sidekiq
  • Redis


  • Heroku
  • AWS S3
  • CircleCI

Third party Integrations

  • Stripe
  • Mixpanel
  • Google Analytics
  • Firebase
  • SendGrid
  • FF Mpeg
  • Google Places
  • Twilio
  • Sentry
  • New Relic
  • Intercom
  • Pipedrive

Administration portal for coaches

The administration portal allows coaches to manage all their coaching activities in one place from building plans for students to billing.

  • Dashboard

  • Coach Onboarding

  • Plan Builder

  • Student Roster

  • Modules

  • Store

  • Billing

Mobile App for coaches

Engaging with Students

Coaches use the in-app communication tools and chat functionality to engage and interact with students, answer any of their questions and provide guidance.

Program Management

Ability to create and assign a customized training plan for each student. Coaches can constatly tweak and improve the plan based on student performance.

Monitor student progress

Easily monitor the progress of every single student through intuitive dashboards and scores all from the mobile app.

Mobile app for students

Programs customized to each student

Coaches provide personalized coaching plans based on student skill level. Students fill out a questionnaire during onboarding that allows coaches to create a custom training plan. Students use the intuitive mobile app to practice, train and complete the modules in their own time.

Coach assessment of student

Coach can provide personalized feedback and assessment to each student. Feedback can be provided in terms of in application chat, performance rating, analysis and voice over of student videos and more.

iOS and Android Mobile Apps

testimonial author
"Thanks to IntuitioLabs, we launched a new Android app in just eight weeks! They worked with us to create a scalable platform that ticked all of our boxes and stayed well within our budget. Their global team had a depth of experience that impressed us. The level of knowledge and partnership they brought to the table, along with their depth of experience, really impressed us. There’s no doubt we were well taken care of. "

Kristina Frantz Head of Product, Ikonik Golf


40% Reduction in technology staff costs
8 Product feature releases in 12 months
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