New Generation Roping

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New Generation Roping is precisely what it sounds like: a New Generation of team roping. 

Team roping is a rodeo event organized at local, regional and national levels across the US that features two mounted riders and a steer. Over 200,000 registered team ropers worldwide produce over $70 million in purses to recreational contestants each year. 

COVID-19 impacted this industry significantly. As team roping events are a congregation of people with a significant social aspect, most of these events were shut down due to the pandemic. Some attempts were made to conduct these events virtually through social platforms, but they posed serious scaling and operational challenges. The objective was to create a scalable technology-driven platform that allowed for virtual team roping.


The founders of New Generation Roping brought this problem and their idea to IntuitioLabs. Working together, we formulated a plan to create a brand, design the web and mobile experience, and implement a robust, first-of-its-kind virtual team roping platform. The solution would need to be a scalable digital platform that included the ability to register online, manage the event digitally, receive and process payments, provide two-way texting to allow for streamlined interaction for participation, and need a proprietary algorithm for fraud detection.

What we did for New Generation Roping
  • UI/Ux Design
  • Product Design
  • MVP Build
  • Custom Product Development
  • Launch & Maintenance


In partnership with New Generation Roping founders, IntuitioLabs successfully launched the first beta event for the platform in October 2020, just ten weeks after conception. With the beta program’s success, the platform has moved into the next phase, where it will be used for live events, beginning in late 2020 with a full calendar of events planned for 2021.


NewGenRoping founder
David Lewis Founder, NewGenRoping
"IntuitioLabs has been with us since day one! Team roping has always been a participant and spectator sport that relied on large groups of people congregating in one place. Creating a virtual platform to host these events had never been done before, so there was no template. Working together, we formulated a plan, created a brand from scratch, and developed a platform to host the first online team roping events. As our idea became a reality, they helped us create a virtual space that was scalable, responsive, and customer friendly.
We’re delighted with IntuitioLabs, and feel they were the best choice for a technology and product partner to bring our vision to life. We’re looking forward to offering a full calendar of events in 2021."