Enterprise Productivity SaaS Product



Vimbel platform enables enterprises to manage a plethora of productivity tools from a single place. Utilizing machine learning and a wide option of integrations, Vimbel helps enterprises gain more productivity out of their tools and employees' workdays.

We Delivered

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile iOS and Android App Development
  • Application and Cloud Architecture
  • Establishment of Sprint-Based Product Development Processes


Vimbel was close to an essential demonstration for their next round of fundraising. They were not confident in their current technology partner's ability to get them there in time. They reached out to various Atlanta-based technology companies and decided to go with IntuitioLabs.

The IntuitioLabs team worked closely with the Vimbel designers and the CTO to accelerate the product development and get the mobile and web-application ready for launch and demo with clients and investors.

In a short time, the founding team developed a great relationship with IntuitioLabs and considered them partners in achieving their product goals.

Technologies & Tools

Front End Technologies

  • React
  • Electron

Mobile App Technologies

  • React Native
  • Socket.IO

Back End Technology

  • express
  • Sequelize
  • JSON Web Token
  • Node JS


  • AWS S3
  • AWS EC2
  • MongoDB

Third party Integrations

  • Firebase
  • SendGrid
  • Sendbird
  • Twilio

Progressive Web Application


Document Manager

iOS Mobile Application

testimonial author
“The deadline for a big client demonstration and funding was coming up fast, and our current technology partner wasn’t going to get us across the finish line in time. So we contacted Intuito Labs, and I’m so glad we did.

Intuito Lab’s team stepped in and worked closely with our designers and CTO. They were so easy to work with, which was such a relief after our experience with our former techlogy partner. To have Intuito Labs there with us really helped put our minds at ease.

Their frontend and backend developers were top-notch, delivering everything we needed on time and on budget so we could make our big presentation deadline.

Thanks to Intuito Labs, we met our deadline, delivered an amazing presentation and made progress on our funding. This wouldn’t have been possible without them! Thank you Intuito Labs for jumping in and helping us when we needed it most! “
Tavy Walton Founder & CEO, Vimbel
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