Who We Are

We are a team of designers, developers, consultants, strategists, researchers and marketers. But behind our job titles, we are also social beings that like to relax and have fun, we are curious individuals that love solving puzzling tasks. We are always open to different ideas, opinions and creative approaches. We are highly conscientious when it comes to what we bring to the table and are dedicated to building great products. We are a tight-knit, culturally diverse team that loves being there for one another and always pushes each other towards growth. And we look forward to every new venture, partnership and friendship.

Founder & CEO

Deep Kalina

Deep Kalina is the founder and CEO of IntuitioLabs, a full service agency specialized in strategy, design ,development and growth.

After obtaining a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University in 2005, Deep has been working in technology and product development for the last 16 years.
He remains passionate about helping businesses grow and develop to their full potential.
Before starting IntuitioLabs, he worked as CTO of Ampology LLC, Kazzam LLC and Hum. He serves on the advisory board for We Secure App, FieldX, MyIntro and Second Helpings Atlanta.

He is enthusiastic about reading, snowboarding, riding motorcycles and cycling. However, his greatest interest is giving back, which is why he is currently volunteering for several organizations focusing on education and hunger.

Our Team


"Shivan enjoys a relaxing beach day by Siesta Key, or by night, a non-fiction book and a bourbon by the pool. That's if his twin girls and his son let him!"

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Growth Marketing

Shivan Durbal


"Kacie was put on this Earth to connect people, create value and change what it means to be a woman (in business). She loves her kid, husband, Atlanta, blue water, cocktails on a patio and live music. She also loves helping people achieve what feels impossible. "

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Strategy Advisor

Kacie Gordon


"When he is not playing international cricket for Argentina (the team that won the 2019 South American cup) or recording music, Ruann is out hiking or looking for his next adventure."

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Ruann van der Merwe


"Kelsey has 3 dogs that run her household. She loves gardening, cooking, reading, and crossword puzzles."

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Creative Strategy and Paid Social

Kelsey Buxton


"Books and beer - a match made in heaven. Josh definitely thinks so. "

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General Counsel

Josh Clayton


"John truly loves fishing. Fresh or saltwater, from the shore or the boat, experimenting with different baits, having time to think and concentrate on it - he could talk about it for days."

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John Murray


"Abhishek enjoys Japanese anime and collecting LEGO sets. He is really brave - he loves scuba and skydiving. Just don’t ask him to give a public speech."

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Growth Marketing

Abhishek Vora


"Kelly is an avid (some might say, obsessive) podcast listener. Her favorites are true crime and history. She just finished a 12-part series about the plague!"

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Growth Marketing

Kelly Downs


"Manoj is a musical theater enthusiast. Or an addict, depends on your point of view. He performed for 3 summer seasons in Charlotte."

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Strategy Advisor

Manoj Govindan


"Shane is freaking hilarious. He really is, it’s just that nobody knows it. Besides that, he loves woodworking, books and spontaneous dance parties in his kitchen."

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Strategy Advisor

Shane Schwab


"Jason is all about enjoying life outdoors. Mountain biking, golfing, surfing, skiing are activities he plays on repeat."

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Jason Taitano


"Vivek really appreciates spending time with his family. He solves puzzles with his daughter and takes pleasure in running and hiking."

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Cloud Strategy Advisor

Vivek Malka


"Kamaljith loves traveling to places where he can explore photography and his taste buds."

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Kamaljith Venugopalan


"Nisha is an ardent literature fan with an inquisitive nature. That means she always has some whys and hows on her mind. Much like Hamlet."

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Nisha Rose


"Sony loves playing soccer and traveling. What’s more to say when those are the most enjoyable things in life."

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Sony Sebastian


"Rajesh has some peculiar hobbies like collecting coins, currencies and diecast cars. Some basic stuff like movies and sports are fine too."

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Rajesh Surya Kumar


"Bibin enjoys playing sports. Soccer, of course. After a good game, there’s nothing better than digging into a tasty meal."

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"Hashir is very enthusiastic - he loves all things great (and small), especially good graphic design."

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